Living Campaign

The Sundering of Vaul is a Living campaign, where players take on the role of brave (or foolhardy) adventurers. These could be mighty warriors, cunning rogues, secretive wizards, or any of a diverse cast of characters. Heroes will hone their skills, discover powerful magic, and forge alliances to earn fame and fortune – if they survive the myriad dangers of the adventuring life. Your actions will shape the world and change the course of history, and you will not be alone! Join a growing group of other players, invite your friends, experienced or not, and if you wish, take a hand in writing the adventures and expanding the world of the game.

A Living campaign is a special type of campaign, and bears some explanation. In a traditional home game, there are a few players, and a DM who runs the game. When they can all gather, the proceed through the more-or-less linear plot the DM has devised, without too many changes in the cast of main characters. Think Lord of the Rings. This is great fun of course, but is difficult for players who have a crowded schedule, or simply aren’t usually available at the same time as everyone else. Traditional campaigns can be derailed by players moving out of town, getting swamped at work, etc.

A living campaign is more like an MMO – a larger number of players and characters exist in the world, and when they want to play, they get together to go an one of a number of available adventures. These adventures still shape the world and may lead to others, but not in a linear storyline. Players who can only play occasionally will only play occasionally. Players who wish to join more often can play as often as they can put together a minimum number of players. Wherever you play and whoever you play with, your character will be eligible to travel elsewhere, join other games, and continue to make their own legend.

We have decided to begin such a campaign so that people with any schedule or level of interest can take part, and because it is the easiest way to invite others to join us. Whether you are an avid gamer, or just think you might like to try a session or two and see what its about, a living campaign should fit the bill.

The campaign is based around the Pathfinder rules for d20 gaming – these rules are available for free online at <>. They can also be purchased in book or PDF form, which is certainly a much nicer presentation and a bit easier to understand. If you don’t know these rules, especially if you aren’t familiar with d20 role playing games, don’t worry about it! We will be happy to walk you through them. Mastering the rules is less important than playing your character and exploring the world.

Not everything in the rules is initially available to players, and some modifications have been made – the advanced sections under Chapter 6 will explain this.

Living Campaign

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