• Kelthis Greyeyes

    Kelthis Greyeyes

    Kelthis is an aspiring agent of the Pathfinder society - capable in the wilderness and in dungeons, his specialty is investigating ruins and crypts, and returning lost (or inconveniently owned) items to the pathfinder vaults. Usually.
  • Charbel Sorb

    Charbel Sorb

    Charbel is a noted Frutzii warrior and hunter from Juntgundgardt, in the frozen north. He serves his Jarl by sailing a raiding ship, and coordinating hunts for the argentvorax.
  • Commander Keenbolt

    Commander Keenbolt

    Commander Keenbolt is in charge of the gnome scouts who defend the Kron Hills near (or in, depending on who you ask) the Viscounty of Verbobonc
  • Glenddarc


    Glenddarc is the elderly headgnome of Sheernob, a village in the Kron Hills. He enjoys gem cutting, illusions, and haggling with adventurers.
  • Laurel


    Laurel is the apothecary of Falcon's Hollow, a dedicated healer and herbalist who tends to those woodsmen who fall ill near the dangerous northern wood.
  • Lord Galans

    Lord Galans

    Roland is the rather rotund lord of house Galens, a rather rich noble house in the south of the Viscounty. His lands lie on the southern border with the Kron Hills gnomes.
  • Meldreeb


    Meldreeb is the unofficial dimplomat and trade representative for the gnomish village of Sheernob in the Kron Hills. He talks a mile a minute, and is never at a loss for words.