The Sundering of Vaul

DMV-9 (LS1): The Tide of Morning

Darkmoon Vale (Lorestone Part 1)

A check-in on a local druid rumored to have a Lorestone in his possession quickly turns ugly when it is discovered that he has been murdered by the local fey. A fiery battle with some a charmed lumberjack and some fey allies is followed by a guarded discussion with a band of gnomes who, when seeing the smoke from the druids house, came to investigate. The party discovered that the local fey are led by a quickling named Cyflymder who has been acting strangely and furthermore probably took the Lorestone to a local druid circle of standing stones in order to destroy it with the light of dawn. The party journeyed through the night to save the Lorestone and arrived in time to fight Cyflymder and his friends before dawn. In the end, the party returned the Lorestone to the Pathfinder Society.



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